What is all.u.me?

all.u.me is a game changer to the movement that globally combats harassment.

all.u.me sells beautiful jewelry that doubles as a safety device. When activated, it calls for backup through the all.u.me app.

However, more importantly the all.u.me community engages and motivates us all but especially men and boys to be part of the solution in order to shift the culture and deal with the root cause.


One for One

As a global problem requires global action, all.u.me will in time let the most privileged support the less privileged. With the all.u.me One for One pledge, a jewelry is donated for every jewelry bought.


An all.u.me jewelry's inside is a tiny - d:10mm - bluetooth device with a long lasting battery.

Catering to the shape and function of the device, the jewelry can take any form, be composed of multiple materials and metals, have endless styles and applications.

To make all women feel beautiful we do co:labs with popular fashions and jewelry brands.

Together, we turn up the volume in numbers and of our voice and can inspire more to be part of shifting the culture.



An all.u.me jewelry is connected by bluetooth to the wearers phone via the all.u.me app.

By sharing the app with friends and family a network of both all.u.me jewelry owners and friends and family is created and every download serves as a potential backup for any jewelry owner.

All app users are instructed in how to backup safely and effectively by using the proven 5D intervention method by NYC based NGO righttobe.org



A backup is a person who understands how to safely intervene when he or she witnesses something or when somebody activates their jewelry. all.u.me uses the proven 5D intervention method promoted by righttobe.org, that is so simple yet wildly effective, and gives the confidence to act.


Once you’ve acted, share your story with the all.u.me community in your preferred social channel. You’ll inspire others to take action, and give hope to people who experience harassment that there are somebody ready to have their backs.

The community will be boosted by engaging influencers and popular creators. Telling their own personal stories on how they have used the 5Ds to be a backup will motivate large groups of followers to download the all.u.me app and become backups themselves.