You must have a ton of questions!

Is the jewelry waterproff?

Yes, all jewelry is waterproff meaning that you can wash you hands, wear them in the shower and take a swim, while wearing them.

We don't want you to have to think about wearing a jewelry - besides it makes you feel free and beautiful.

When can I buy a jewelry?

So happy to hear your are interested in getting an jewelry!

We expect the jewelry to be ready for sale late fall 2023. Signup to our newsletter to be the first to know.

Do I need my phone with me?

Yes, you need to have your phone close by for to work. The bluetooth range of the jewelry is approximately 5 meters depending on the surroundings.

How do I recharge my jewelry?

You don't!

We want your experience of wearing an jewelry as nonintrusive as possible, so you should never have to take it off for charging.

The tiny CR1025 lithium battery in the jewelry is developed to last for over 3 years with regular use without recharging it.

The app will notify you well in advance of running out of battery.

What if I can't find the caller?

That's OK! This will happen unfortunately. is dependent of the accuracy of the phones GPS signal combined with Google Maps.

We just thank you for trying!

What happens if I decline a call for backup?

That's OK! There's probably someone else nearby who can help in stead. is a concept based on volunteers and if a call is inconvenient that's just how it is.

Why do you need to track me?

Actually, we dont! But technically we need your permission to ask your phone to give us your exactly location at any time - in case of a call. uses a tracking method where we don't know exactly where you are.

When a call is activated in your proximity, we ask your phone to give us your exact location in order for us to evaluate if you are close enough to receive a notification.

Why do I need to be 15?

While harassment happens to people younger than 15, we have to restrict the usage of this app to users age 15 and up in order to comply to laws on data collection.

How will you use my profile data?

Profile data is only shared with other users in case of a call.

From here it depends a bit whether you are a backup or caller.

As a caller we share your name with the backups. If you have added a profile picture, your year of birth and gender - this is shared as well with backups. If you cancel the call and in the feedback indicated why you cancelled, we share this with the backups who was on their way.

As a backup we share your name and location on the map with the caller and other backups who has accepted the same call. If you have added a profile picture this is shared as well.

What if a backup or caller acted badly?

If you experienced that an backup or caller acted outside the 5 Ds or in other ways made the whole thing worse you can within 14 days after the call send in an anonymous report from the app.

In the report you choose the backup or caller you found acting badly and state why.

The backup or caller will not be notified that a report was submitted.

How do I intervene safely?

That's a good question!

We know that choosing one of the 5 D strategies will help you intervene safely.

While some have a preferred "D", others let the situation determine which "D" will be most efficient.

You should always access the situation as choose a strategy that will keep both you and the caller safe.

Why didn't any backups show up?

We are sorry you experienced not getting backup!

Unfortunately, as is based on volunteering, we can't guaranty that app users are available to act as backup. Perhaps there were app users in your area, but they were not able to accept the call.

We recommend that you instead try to use the 5Ds yourself. Be direct, make a distraction or ask someone nearby to help you.