We hope to answer all of your questions!

What's a backup?

A backup is a person who understands how to safely and efficiently intervene when they witness harassment - or when someone calls for backup through the all.u.me app.

All users who has completed the sign up process in the app is a potential backup. They will get a notification on their phones if someone nearby calls for backup through the app. If they accept to be a backup, they will be directed to the caller via their phone's GPS, and they will also receive the caller's profile info in order to easier find the caller. The app will continue to send out the call to backups nearby until 5 backups have accepted the call.

When the backup reaches the caller, they use one of the 5D's of intervention to help them exit the situation.

How do I become a backup?

To become a backup, simply download the all.u.me app and complete the sign up process. You'll be guided through and tested in the 5D method when signing up, so you're ready to act as a backup when needed.

You can always go to the app or our social media to brush up on the 5D method whenever you need to.

Can I decline a call for backup?

When you receive a notification on your phone that someone needs a backup, you can either accept or decline.

If you're unable to act as a backup at that time and choose to decline, that's OK! There's most likely someone else nearby who can help instead.

How do I find the caller?

When you accept a call for backup, you will be able to see a map in the all.u.me app that leads you to the caller.

The map is based on the accuracy of your phone's GPS signal combined with Google Maps.

How do I intervene safely?

That's a good question!

Choosing one of the 5D strategies will help you intervene safely.

While some have a preferred method, others let the situation determine which method will be most efficient.

You should always access the situation and choose a strategy that will keep both you and the caller safe.

You'll be trained in the 5D method when you download the all.u.me app, and you can always revisit the app or our social media to brush up on the method.

What happens after a call?

When you've been a part of a call as either a backup or a caller, you'll be able to give us feedback on the experience. This helps us make all.u.me even better.

If you experienced that an all.u.me backup or caller acted outside the 5 Ds or in other ways made the situation worse, you can send in an anonymous report from the all.u.me app within 14 days of the call.

The backup or caller will not be notified that a report was submitted.

Do you verify your users?

Yes. All app users are verified when creating their all.u.me profile.

We use their phone number as an identifier and send a code to be entered during the verification process. 

How do I call for backup?

If you've activated the call button in the all.u.me app you'll be able to call for backup through the app.

We know it’s not an ideal solution for you to find your phone and open an app when you need support.

This is why we’ve created beautiful jewelry that can be paired to the app and lets you call for backup with a simple press of a button.

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Can I cancel a call for backup?

Yes, you can cancel a call at any time. So no worries if you accidentally start a call!

In what situations should I call for backup?

You can call for backup in a situation where you feel unsafe or uncomfortable.

It's always better to call for backup as soon as you feel uncomfortable, so you can get backup before the situation potentially escalates. This also makes it easier for a backup to intervene and get you away from the situation.

Some examples could be if you're standing at a bus stop and someone is making you uncomfortable. Or maybe you think someone is following you, and it makes you feel uneasy.

Trust your gut - if something doesn't feel right, you can always use all.u.me to exit the situation in a safe way: with help from backups or on your own using one of the 5D's.

Why do I need a subscription?

If you only want to act as a backup for others, you don't need any subscription.

But if you want to be able to call for backup yourself, you need to first activate the call button by signing up to a subscription.

The subscription is only 3 euros per month, and it allows us to maintain the IT system supporting the call button and to expand the all.u.me community nationally and internationally.

Is it guaranteed that backups will come when I call?

Unfortunately, as all.u.me is based on volunteering, we can't guarantee that all.u.me app users are always nearby and available to act as backup.

We recommend that you instead try to use the 5Ds yourself - they work just as good this way. Be direct, make a distraction or ask someone nearby to help you.

How old do I have to be to be a user?

While harassment happens to people younger than 15, we have to restrict the usage of this app to users age 15 and up in order to comply to laws on data collection.

Why do you need to track my location?

Actually, we dont! But technically we need your permission to ask your phone to give us your exactly location at any time - in case of a call.

all.u.me uses a tracking method where we don't know exactly where you are at all times.

When a call is activated in your proximity, we ask your phone to give us your exact location in order for us to evaluate if you are close enough to receive a notification.

How do you use my profile data?

Profile data is only shared with other users in case of a call.

From here it depends a bit whether you are a backup or caller.

As a caller we share your name with the backups. If you have added a profile picture, your year of birth and gender - this is shared as well with backups. If you cancel the call and in the feedback indicated why you cancelled, we share this with the backups who was on their way.

As a backup we share your name and location on the map with the caller and other backups who has accepted the same call. If you have added a profile picture this is shared as well.